Don't Miss CommonBound, Even If You Must!

CommonBound 2018.png

Are you bummed you won't be able to attend The CommonBound Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, coming up quick, on June 22-24? Don't worry! They've got a solution!

The national CommonBound event they've titled "Owning Our Power" is sponsored by The New Economy Coalition, an alliance of over 200 forward-thinking organizations that are already making economic change. Please note this picture of panelists from last year. Lots of women are interested in economic change. Two sponsors  are among our most-admired groups: The Business Alliance for Local, Living Economies; and The Caring Campaign, sponsored by Riane Eisler's Center for Partnership Studies. See Links below! 

There's still time to register for the event. CommonBound 2018 has organized 50 different workshops, including these, which you can link to here:  Creating a Just Capital Fund for Your Community, and Scaling Employee Ownership. See their entire workshop schedule at this link: View Workshop Schedule.

But if you haven't the time or the money to do it this year, the good news is that two plenery sessions and five workshops will be live-streamed. You can register for live-streaming here, for a small donation, and they will send you a schedule of when you can tune in.  Register for the Livestream!  

Caring Economy Fast Facts Sheets

Caring Economy Campaign , Center for Partnership Studies