Fearless Girl Faces Off Wall Street's Bull


What a great way to mark International Women's Day!

Sculptor Kristin Visbal's "Fearless Girl" was placed on Wall Street to confront its charging bull for March 8. Advertising Agency McCann NY got a permit for this week, but tweet or post to keep her there!

Back in 1989 artist Arturo DeModica put his bull there without a permit, to mark the determination of Wall Street to come back after one of their bullish crashes. Traders liked it so much, it stayed. But the truth is that mega corporations and global investments are male territory, and not just male, but pale male elites, who EconoMansplain why they keep getting richer, and we women, not so much. McCann's client, State Street Global Advisors, are urging corporations to include more women on their boards. Research shows more diverse boards with women tend to do better.  But you can't expect results from a token woman. Three or more is the charm. www.catalyst.org/media/companies-more-women-board-directors-experience-higher-financial-performance-according-latest

Let New York keep the fearless girl there at least as long as it takes for men to open doors to admit women advisors!

Better yet, let the fearless girl stay there forever, to remind Wall Street the world's children, our future, is at stake in their deals!  Thanks to artist Kristin Visbal, photographer Federica Valabrega and Tim Nudd for doing the story in Adweek. Brilliant!

Read more here: www.adweek.com/creativity/why-mccann-dropped-a-statue-of-a-fearless-girl-next-to-wall-streets-charging-bull-