When Wombs R State Property, Women Pay 4 Babies


         US courts have only recently upheld what Rebecca Solnit calls, “a woman’s right to the property of her truth.” What does she mean? Women were legally excluded from basic rights. She couldn’t vote until 1920. If married, she couldn’t open her own bank account until 1974. The last state to exclude women jurors, Louisiana, lost its US Supreme Court case in 1975. Harvard did not admit women until 1977. Yes, you read those dates right.
            A woman’s right to make private decisions about her own body, and whether she wants to be pregnant or not, won in 1973, remains a question in many states today. Without legal equity, economic equity can never be achieved. So why exactly should only females pay for maternity benefits in their insurance plans? And why are those proposing the ACA repeal the same rich white guys who want to make ending pregnancies impossible? There are more of these guys in Congress--see what the latest repeal and replace efforts do to women below: