Some Are More Equal Than Others


Today is Equal Pay Day. Women have to work until today, April 4,  to earn what the median US male did last year.

But The United State of Women points out other dates that show what equality would mean to different sisters.  Asian-American women were equal by  March 7, more equal than most of us. But African-American women will have to wait until July 31!  Native American women aren't equal until September 25, and OMG, Latina women don't catch up until November 2! 
The US of W says: "Add those [dates] to your calendar and make your voice heard about why this gap is unacceptable for all women." 

Indeed! While you're at it, complain about the US median male wage going down. Ratios only show the relationship between two numbers--and when it comes to wages? The median men's wage dropped from 1973-2014 ($53,294 to $50,383) while women's went up ($30,182 to $39,621), in general because of her  education. Education loans, anyone?