The Budget from Small Hands, Smaller Heart


OMG. Trump's budget. We so agree with what conservative writer David Brooks has to say about it. David! This is a feminist riff! Beautiful!

"Donald Trump doesn't care about domestic policy. He mostly cares about testosterone.

He wants to cut any part of government that may seem soft and nurturing, like poverty programs. He wants to cut any program that might seem emotional and airy-fairy, like the National Endowment for the Arts. He wants to cut any program that might seem smart and nerdy, like the National Institutes of Health.

But he wants to increase funding for every program that seems manly, hard, muscular and ripped, like the military and armed antiterrorism programs.

ndeed, the Trump budget looks less like a political philosophy and more like a sexual fantasy. It lavishes attention on every aspect of hard power and slashes away at anything that isn’t."

Read Brook's whole op-ed  piece in The NYTimes, commenting on Bannon, Prince of Darkness, too.