Another Lie from the US House! CHOICE? Really?


Americans for Financial Reform makes it easy for you to register your reaction to the latest lie coming out of the US House of Representatives. HR 10, the so-called CHOICE Act would remove Dodd-Frank bank reform created after 2008's meltdown and recession, defang the Consumer Protection Bureau that guards against the kind of fraud that led to 2008, and oh yeah, remove more of those silly regulations that interfere with millionaires and billionaires making the world safe for millionaires and billionaires. More of this kind of good-ole-boys fraternity is not what we need. We agree with AFR. This is the Wrong Choice.

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It's amazing anyone in Washington has time for this, given all the investigations, but more than likely this bill wasn't written by legislators or their staff--but by Wall Street lobbyists paid by the biggest money-wads around, who stuck us with their bill the last time they blew up Wall Street. Tell them we don't CHOOSE this again. Tell them there's an election coming up that gives us a real CHOICE.