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Photo credit: Christie Hemm Klok/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Photo credit: Christie Hemm Klok/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Working Women

Women Open Up About Working in Health Care Industry
A look at the gender discrimination that is (still) found in the health care industry.

The Creative Fuel of a Living Wage
Gig workers make up about 1/3 of all employed individuals in the United States. The stress and anxiety of this lifestyle can have profound impacts. Is there a way to curb the downsides?

To Build These Homes, we Chose an All Women Crew
Some #UnScrewedNews and inspiration. Women supporting women. Women empowering women. Women making change.

Family Life

The Cost of Child Care Just Hit an All Time High
Yes, it's bad. Households are spending at least a quarter of their income on childcare. Childcare is ruling working family's lives. No wonder young couples aren't having children.

The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America
An informative article with interactive, illuminating graphics. A generation ago, the age of first time mothers used to peak. Now it plateaus. 

The Economy +

America’s Real Economy Isn’t Booming
Despite our rising economic and employment metrics, 45 million people are living in poverty in the US. It's not all that uncommon to employed AND homeless.

United States has a National Security Problem but it’s Not What You Think
We'll leave you with this: "The levels of poverty and economic inequality that prevail in America are not intrinsic to either capitalism or globalization."

Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Is Not So Basic After All
Basic Universal Income. This article looks at some of the challenges researchers have come up against while studying it's potential impact in California.