No to Oligarchs' Back Room Deals

The Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which affects fully one-sixth of the US economy. Fair enough, if they can get the votes. But their replacement bill is being created behind closed doors without any hearings or the chance for amendments—just the way EconoMan likes it. 

EconoMan is Screwnomic’s name for the insider club of men of a particular class and a particular race, who control American economic policy. They grow so brazen, they apparently believe their wealth and position entitles them to govern  without pesky hindrances like debate, hearings, democratic process, and the like. Despite the American constitution, today’s EconoMan appears to believe that money alone measures a person’s true worth. He forgets our national agreement to tend the commonwealth, which surely includes our health. He wants health insurance socialism for the wealthy, not for you.  

The new Republican health care bill repeals $600 billion in taxes on the richest Americans, like Warren Buffet, who called it “a huge tax cut for guys like me.” It won’t cut health care costs—so without the rich paying their fair share, who do you think will be left with the bill? EconoMan can afford to fund toadies in Congress and buy ads to convince you all his ideas are the only American ones. We could use a lot more women like Senator Claire McCaskill who here calls out EconoMan’s Republican politicians who serve the few, not the many. 

All of us need health care at some point in our life—all of us need to share the costs fairly and figure out ways to get healthier and bring down outsized US healthcare bills. So let’s talk out in public like we hear Republicans and Democrats have done in generation’s past. Want to know more about EconoMan and his ways?  Watch for future posts and news about our coming book: Screwnomics: How our Economy Works Against Women and What We Can Do to Make Real and Lasting Change.