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Ms. Magazine has invited Screwnomics to amplify women’s economic voices on their website! The first installment was published on April 5th, 2019!

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Screwnomics unscrews money with...


It's jam-packed with info, stories, and inspiration.

Screwnomics explains the unspoken assumptions of 300 years of EconoMansplaining—told through stories, cartoons, and easy-to-understand economic definitions that actually apply to women's lives.


Raise your voice, s

hare your story.

Grab a few girlfriends and talk about the real stuff —yes, money and economics! No need to be intimidated; our workbook can help guide your conversation about our last taboo.
Have fun with it!


You are not alone!
EconoGirlfriends unite!

Despite all the #ScrewedNews we see on TV, there are people working everyday to make real and lasting change. Read our blog for #UnscrewedNews and #Anonymous speaks. Share stories and solutions here.

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What they're saying about Screwnomics...

"Very, very highly recommended for the average woman...”
Midwest Book Review

"A smart, comprehensive economics guide with a feminist twist...”
Kirkus Reviews

"A timely critique, and a needed story.”
Nomi Prins

EconoGirlfriend Conversation Groups,  the workbook Where Can I Get Some Change?,  and workshops facilitated and taught by Rickey Gard Diamond are all projects of Economy of Our Own, Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-deductible educational organization dedicated to educating, increasing understanding, and providing information to women about economics and the world economy.