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The personal is political. The personal is economic.

The bargain of women's work comes cheap, while prices inflate and go up.

Economics is hard! Competition is stiff! EconoMan tells us about himself and his manly economic world.

Economists come from a long line of fishy thinking about females, but gentlemen Keynesians are kinder. 

Table of Contents


PART I. NO-WOMAN’S LAND: Economic Thinking for Men Only

Chapter 1: Talking Dirty about Dirty Secrets
The Bargain of women's work comes cheap, while other prices inflate and go up.
Unpacked Definitions: Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Commodities, Inflation

Chapter 2: No Girly Stuff Allowed
Economics is hard! Competition is stiff! EconoMan tells us about himself and his manly economic world.
Unpacked Definitions: Income, Investment, Interest, The Informal Economy, Economy & Ecology

Chapter 3: Two Kinds of Men
Economists come from a long line of fishy thinking about females, but gentlemen Keynesians are kinder.
Unpacked Definitions: Supply & Demand, Aggregate Supply & Aggregate Demand

Chapter 4: Played by the Players
Neoliberals go by many names, but they all use the same old rich tricks to make a score.
Unpacked Definitions: Property & Assets, Consumer Markets, Stock & Commodities Markets

PART II. HIS LATEST BIG BUST, 2008: EconoMan Keeps Profits But Shares Costs

Chapter 5: Learning Consequences the Hard Way
Whoever makes the money makes the rules—nice or not.
Unpacked Definitions: Capital, Mortgage, Compound Interest, Credit, Debit, Securities, The Washington Consensus

Chapter 6: Women’s Work Is Never Done
In the late 1980s, Mrs. Gramm turns up the heat on our economy’s cabbage, while Professor Warren notices bankruptcies rising.
Unpacked Definitions: Bear & Bull Markets, US Treasury Securities, Credit Cards, Futures, Derivatives, Bankruptcy

Chapter 7: A Watched Pot Never Boils
In the late 1990s, Brooksley Born tries to turn down the heat on our economic pressure cooker, but instead Washington’s bullies run her out of town.
Unpacked Definitions: Millions, Billions, Trillions

Chapter 8: No Place Like Home
Sheila Bair meets Brooksley’s bullies in 2006, and in 2008, so does Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street banker Alayne Fleischmann, and my hometown.
Unpacked Definitions: Mortgage Securities, TARP, Redlining, Due Diligence, Moral Hazard

Chapter 9: Proof of the Global Pudding
EconoMan’s neoliberal free markets threaten the planet with unsustainable numbers of billionaires who could bring another Big Bust.
Unpacked Definitions: Ratios; Quintiles; The World Bank, the IMF, and WTO

PART III. HIS STORY OF WOMAN: Females Are for Sex and Food—Or Else

Chapter 10: Mom’s Sugar Bowl—1776–1965
Woman’s industrial story transforms her production from a credit to a debit.
Unpacked Definitions: Opportunity Cost, For-Profit, Nonprofit, Un-Profit

Chapter 11: Egg Money—40,000 BCE–1965
Woman’s ancient story reveals her eggs as the first property, Gaia as the Greeks’ first creator, and Juno’s gold coins as Rome’s first currency.
Unpacked Definitions: Production, Capital Accumulation, Consumption

Chapter 12: A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned—1965–Now
Female double duty today creates inefficiency and makes caring a cost she must pay.
Unpacked Definitions: Pareto Efficiency, Wall Street, Main Street

PART IV. HIS EMBODIED FICTIONS: Collective Bodies of Nations, Corporations, and Labor Must Always Perform as Men at War

Chapter 13: Out of the Mouths of Babes
A sexier accounting of commerce and nations would include the essential female.
Unpacked Definitions: Double-Entry Accounting, Audit, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), UN System of National Accounts (SNA), Bottom Line, Gross National Happiness, Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI), Time Accounts, SWEIs

Chapter 14: His Manly Largeness
A sexier account of corporations would include the essential female and essential male for much more than its current norm of verbal mounting, quickies, and concubine slavery.
Unpacked Definitions: Corporation, Stock & Shares, Property & Real Estate,

Chapter 15: She’s in Labor!
A sexier account of labor’s story embraces the value of We, the erotic pronoun larger than all of us.
Unpacked Definitions: Salary, Wages, Workday, Workweek

PART V. BANKS AND BIG FIXES: Systemic Financial Changes for Widespread Prosperity

Chapter 16: All About Money—And Yes, It Does Grow on Trees
How EconoMan’s paper currency made only from debt bankrupts nature and us.
Unpacked Definitions: Externality, Exponential Growth, Hedge Funds

Chapter 17: More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
Banking in the public interest already is working—a secret cat more women can let out of the bag.
Unpacked Definitions: Women’s Banking, Credit Unions

Chapter 18: Ending the Old Double Standard
Huge changes underway make dominance and war obsolete. It’s time for a dancing revolution—and fast!
Unpacked Definitions: Taxes, National Spending & National Debt, Women’s Economic Status, Ethical Investing, EroNomics

Chapter 19: A Real Fixer-Upper
Building trust is a DIY project, with small local changes making the economy friendlier and more livable.
Unpacked Definitions: US Income Tax, US Capital Gains Tax

Chapter 20: The Personal Is Powerful and Plentiful
EroNomics cannot be owned, only shared—in an eco-economy fired by devotion, not rape, founded on trust, not fear.
Unpacked Definition: Demurrage