Resources for EconoGirlfriends Creating An Economy of Our Own

The Screwnomics ‘Where Can I Get Some Change??!’ Workbook — Get yours today!

An Introduction to Screwnomics


Money-Morphosis: 10 podcasts for economic change makers

Feel like this present economy doesn't quite fit your values? No, you are not crazy. You are not alone.

Here are podcasts with 10 formidable women who show how the wisest money cares for people and the planet with reliable results. Listen in on economist Crystal Arnold's conversations at Money-Morphosis about investing, finance, and life-loving power. 

When Money Speaks in a Female Voice….

This is NOT the cover of Screwnomics, but a picture of how the men-only economy works NOW. Women’s collaboration and inclusion is already making change. A short presentation prepared for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Download the PDF slides, then listen to the MP3 below to hear Rickey’s presentation!

Animated slides are not animated here, so Rickey’s audio instruction, “next,” on slide, 6, 7, and 15-18 refers to slide portions, not new slides. Good luck navigating!

Hey There EconoGirlfriends!

Are you meeting with friends to discuss Screwnomics and women’s solutions? Would you like to skype with Rickey during one of your gatherings?