When Banking Goes Public....


You and your community win!  If you've ever thought banking had little to do with you, think again with Ellen Brown, one of our heroes!  

She's the author of the very readable Web of Debt about the way banking creates money, and also The Public Bank Solution, about banks most of us haven't heard about, but which have successfully created financing for the public good. What a notion. You can get her books at Amazon or her website. 

Banking runs everything, including government, and the way you live your life. Ellen founded the Public Banking Institute to advocate for public measures to increase funding. The US has only one public bank, in red state North Dakota. Of all our states, North Dakota was the only one to come out of the 2008 crash without bankruptcy looming. Now Ralph Nader is even talking about public banking, and quoting Ellen Brown. What if the people of your state owned a bank?

heck out his article why we need to take on banking as a public issue on Huffington Posthere: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-savings-and-stability-of-public-banking_us_58ed5d96e4b0ea028d568de5