A Century of Big Brother in the US


This slideshow from Cato Institute probably won't help you feel better about Trump's Whitehouse, but it underlines the importance of Congressional investigation of the "intelligence community," (a weird phrase if ever there was one) and of General Flynn and Trump campaign phone calls to Russia. This picture is of  Jesse Wallace Hughan whose anti-enlistment organization was spied on in 1915. Cato left out Emma Goldman, deported for her WWI anti-draft message, pointing to collusion between government and big business. How long has the war on terror been breaking us taxpayers? A century?

Yes, it would be nice if we could "get along" with Russia (and North Korea and China and Iran), but let's start with seeing all parts of our government and taking seriously its charge for the common welfare.  A CSPAN guest talked about this hundred-year history, well worth viewing.