Men with Guns Top Trump Budget


Trump’s 2018 US budget proposal increases defense by half, and shovels big money for homeland security, and veterans—paid for by budget cuts to health, education, diplomacy, environmental safety, and housing for the poorest. The arts, public broadcasting, women’s reproductive services, community development, and domestic violence programs were zero funded.

What a vision for the future: deport peaceable illegals and break up families, block Islamic workers and their families, and make sure 24 million of the poorest Americans can't get healthcare. Keep women pregnant, and afraid, stuck in violent marriages. This is making America great?

We need good policemen, and pay them well, but crime has been going down--and police send their kids to school, too. Nancy Pelosi calls big education cuts: a stupid economy! We agree. Dems are coming up with an alternative budget.  In the UK and Australia, women have organized a women's budget, to analyze their national budget. Why not do that here in the US?

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