Sneak Peak: Chapter 9

Here's a Sneak Peak from Chapter 9:

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"So why should women care about economic issues and news that so seldom includes them? Surprisingly, given the gender of most billionaires, women around the world are largely responsible for producing the cherries and pudding.

The Economist in 2006 credited women with the lion’s share of global economic growth in an article, “The Importance of Sex,” rather like Herodotus praised women as “queen bees” when he first coined the term oikonomia: “Add the value of housework and child-rearing, and women probably account for just over half of world output. It is true that women still get paid less and few make it to the top of companies, but, as prejudice fades over coming years, women will have great scope to boost their productivity—and incomes.”

It’s a promise long awaited—and a wrong one at that. If women merely impersonate the money power now in control, jockeying for individual clout in that rigged Monopoly game, we will shortchange ourselves, our families, and leave our Mother Earth bereft.

A lot of our American lifetime’s economic growth has come at the expense of our more desperate sisters in Mexico, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. We who have benefitted at least a little from the neoliberal bullying of our leaders are entitled to demand more democratic leadership here that negotiates more fairly internationally and at home.

At stake is a very personal bottom line..."