Everyone has an economic story. 

Our current economy labels you. It targets you for sales. But now we've created a hands-on workbook to help you claim your own story and give yourself credit, along with gaining new insights and allies. Where Can I Get Some Change? is especially useful for EconoGirlfriend Conversation Groups, dedicated to the notion that economics is best tackled in the company of friends with a glass of wine and nibbles!

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How Women Are Already Unscrewing Our Economy…

an except from "Where Can I Get Some Change??!"

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"If you’re reading this, you’ve joined a Screwnomics book group in hopes it will be more fun to learn about economics in the company of other women. Or perhaps you thought having a workbook would help you in your individual reading project. You probably are reading Screwnomics because you already sense your disadvantage, and want to better understand—not only what is wrong, but also what positive changes can bring hope.

The Personal is Economic
For starters, let’s acknowledge that it is difficult to talk about dry economic principles and definitions. For about 2500 years, economists have talked man-to-man, in masculine argument to establish their rank. Their tone is ultra-rational, impersonal, and far removed from everyday life.

Money’s sexual messaging is an old story, but you won’t hear most economists talking about that.  In Screwnomics, I’m asking you, a woman, to break money’s taboo and include your on-the-ground experience. I’m saying economics is personal, not impersonal. I’m exposing money’s gendered roots and suggesting that you connect economic definitions and ideas with your own experience. Without your memories and emotions in the mix, you are reduced to a cog in the economy’s machinery. Reflecting on personal insights, you can better claim meaning and purpose.

Everyone has an economic story. We are discouraged from ever seeing it, much less connecting it to larger economic policies that shape our lives...."

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