10.3.18 Seven Days review by Charlotte Dennett, Screwnomics by Rickey Gard Diamond

This paper is owned by two women, Paula Routley and Pamela Polston. I was so pleased by this review, shared in the midst of the Kavanaugh hearings. Charlotte Dennett, a fine author, knows economics is important. One of her books Thy Will Be Done, written with Jerry Colby, reveals the role of Nelson Rockefeller and evangelicals in the conquest of the Amazon in search of oil. . I’m honored she saw so much.

8.23.18 Women's UN Report Network | Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change

I’m not sure who wrote this, but was so pleased to see it appear here, and thought it well done. I believe it is why I’ve gotten requests for Screwnomics’ free workbook, Where Can I Get Some Change, from Spain, Sweden and South Korea.

7.13.18 Kansas Public Radio with Dan Skinner | Conversations: Rickey Gard Diamond, "Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change

This is an elegantly produced interview, Dan Skinner a very thoughtful interviewer. If you want to convince friends to start a economic conversation group, this is a good one to use to persuade them.

6.16.18 KGNU, Denver | It's the Economy with Claudia Cragg

Claudia Cragg is a marvelous interviewer, and a fairly rare bird—an unabashed female focused on the economy. She understood the subject, drew me out, and posited that my "mum" was important to my writing this book, seeing right through me.  You'll enjoy her voice, her questions, and will hear me laughing more than once. Screwnomics is on her "recommended" list, she says—and Claudia's smart show is now on mine, too! 

5.8.18 WOMR, Provincetown | The Lowdown with Ira Wood

Here’s a thoughtful conversation via podcast on “The Lowdown with Ira Wood” from WOMR in Provincetown MA. We talked about how most women, and men too, need to better understand how this economy works—and also its often misleading vocabulary.

5.5.18 Bear Pond Books Launch Party, Montpelier, VT

You’ll see I’ve improved in this broadcast, more relaxed. Thanks to ORCA in Montpelier and to Samantha Kolbert at Bear Pond Books—and also to Peaco Todd, my cartoon collaborator, and to Cary Brown with the Vermont Commission on Women and their work with Change the Story. Thanks to our great audience too! Note Suzanne Gillis from Vermont Woman, and also Linda Wheatley who headed the organization of the first Gross National Happiness USA conference here in Vermont. Hurray for all those listed on two pages, who helped make Screwnomics possible!

4.26.18 Conversations Live! with Cyrus Webb, Blog Talk Radio| Author Rickey Gard Diamond Talks Screwnomics

I loved this conversation with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! Cyrus said he liked where I confess in Screwnomics that I sometimes feel like I’m bailing the economic ocean with my teaspoon—but if we all do our teaspoon’s worth, together we can raise a wave of change. A thoughtful interviewer, Cyrus is based in Mississippi. Consider subscribing to his show. I have.

4.18.18 It's Our Money with Ellen Brown, Public Banking Institute | Screwnomics

Currency expert and founder of the PBI, Ellen Brown talks with me about gender bias on her influential talk show, “It’s Our Money.” We agree that women can make a difference, ideally in partnership with great men who love and respect us!

4.18.18 WCAX-TV in Burlington VT with Eva McKend| Screwnomics: Does Our Economy Work Against Women?

This is my 5 minutes of fame with our evening anchor at WCAX-Burlington. She’s since moved on to a big job in Washington DC with Spectrum News. We will miss her—but the country so needs her!

4.16.18 Vermont Digger | Vermont Author Aims to Erase Financial Gender Gap

4.16.18 Bennington Banner | Vermont Author Aims to Erase Financial Gender Gap

These both shared my interview with Keven O’Connor, a thoughtful journalist with Vermont’s online paper, Vermont Digger.

4.12.18 Pacifica Radio and TV, Los Angeles and Berkeley: Rising Up With Sonali | Screwnomics

Rising Up with Sonali is an all-women run Radio and Television show that brings progressive news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice. Here’s a Skype interview with visuals; Sonali is very savvy, and I enjoyed this very much, however nervous I was. TV?!? It’s scary. But YES! Thank you, Sonali!

4.11.18 WORT FM, Madison, WI | Does the Economy Screw Women?

A community-funded radio station, WORT’s Jan Miyasaki and I talk about this big question. The answer is yes, but worse, it screws the majority of people, as if being female were a lesser or bad thing, not invaluable and essential!

4.11.18 Blog Talk Radio | Money-Wise Women with Rickey Gard Diamond

Another valuable podcast to subscribe to, Money-Wise Women, is hosted by economist Crystal Arnold, and so we went quickly to the deepest part of my book, my naming of the renewable fuel of the economy, love and will and faithful devotion, or what I call EroNomics, the opposite of Screwnomics.

4.4.18 WDEV, Waterbury VT | Is Our Economy Stacked Against Women?

Here’s a great conversation with David Goodman at WDEV, The Vermont Conversation, sponsored by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. We talked about the #MeToo movement and why the tipping point….can we reach it in the economy too?

Wide Angle TV, Arlington Public News | Live Interview with Rickey Gard Diamond

Peter Bermudes interviews me about how we can change the economy on Wide Angle, a local and very professional show, broadcast in Massachusetts. I learned from this TV episode, my first, to relax, and try not to twitch so much!